Best California Casinos For Roulette

Roulette players who live in California or who plan on visiting the state will find the information in this article quite beneficial. We have listed some of the best California casinos for playing roulette. Along with the listings, we have included a quick review of each one. Though there will always be some debate regarding any “best of” list, we have done our best to find three excellent casinos with a strong reputation for quality roulette play. Our Best California Roulette list includes, Harrah’s Rincon Casino, Barona Casino and Pechanga Resort and Casino. Each of these have specific attributes which make them a good option for players looking to play roulette games while in California.  We will discuss what those below. However, before we get to that, it is important to note that the type of roulette played in California is different then most other places in the world.

Though California is considered to be very progressive in many areas, when it comes to gambling, some of their laws seem to be a bit archaic. Traditional roulette and craps are not allowed. The California Constitution has outlawed it. Concerning roulette play, a wheel and ball, by themselves (or in concert) can not be used to determine a game’s outcome. While some casinos have subsequently, dropped roulette, others have made the adjustments necessary to make the game legal in California. This might include incorporating cards in some way.

Best California Casinos For Roulette (In no particular order)

1.Harrahs: Harrah’s Ricon Casino has lots of slots and table games. They have nearly 2000 of the former and 60 of the latter. Roulette is amongst the casinos table games offered. However, because of the rules with govern California gaming, the type of roulette offered at Harrah’s is different then what most people would be familiar with. It even goes by a different name. At Harrah’s Ricon Casino, Roulette is called Volcanic Roulette Bingo.

2. Barona Valley Ranch Resort & Casino: Barona Valley Ranch Resort & Casino is one of the very best places in all of California to play roulette. They are one, if not the only, one to offer players the opportunity to play at a single zero wheel. Anyone who has ever played roulette knows that a single wheel is a much better option then a double zero or American wheel. The house edge is much lower when playing on the former (single zero).  An American roulette wheel has a house edge of 5.26% and a European wheel, 2.7%. This is significantly lower and can affect a game’s outcome.

Because roulette in California must utilize more then a wheel and ball to determine the game’s outcome, casinos in the state have to make adjustments so that they do not break the law.  Barona has chosen to incorporate card play. They use a deck of 37 cards, numbered from 0 to 37. The croupier deals three cards from the deck and puts them on different parts of the table, referred to as regions. These regions have been divided up as 0-12, 13-24 and 25-36. After the ball has come to a stop, depending on the number range it stops on, that particular card is turned over and used to resolve bets.

Located in San DiegoCounty, the Barona Casino has been certified as having the loosest roulette tables in California by, which is owned by Michael Shackleford A.S.A., a professional actuary. They have also been recognized by JD Powers for ranking the “Highest in Satisfaction in the Southern California Indian Gaming Experience,” based on a Southern California Indian Gaming Casino Satisfaction Study done in 2008 done by the well-known and respected organization.

Besides great roulette the Barona Valley Ranch Resort and Casino also has very nice facilities. In fact, it is a luxury resort. They have 400 luxury rooms and suites, nine restaurants, a day spa and 18-hole golf course. The casino’s course has been ranked as the 3rd best course on a resort in California by writers at Golfweek Magazine.

3. The Pechanga Resort and Casino

This is another good option for casino goers looking to play roulette. Pechanga Resort and Casino is an excellent new property. It is a luxury resort and casino. The casino is 188,000 square feet. There are 2000 slot machines, and more then 100 table games.  Not only will individuals be able to play roulette but they can also enjoy fine dining and entertainment. They have not one, but two nightclubs.

In Summary

Individuals looking to play roulette in California will quickly discover that the game is significantly different then what they are probably used to if they are not a native or currently live in the state. Because of the illegality of traditional roulette in California, casinos which offer that do make the game available have had to adjust it so that it fits within the confines of the low. Those individuals interested in playing roulette in California, should consider spending some time at the aforementioned casinos. The Pechanga Resort and Casino, Barona Valley Ranch Resort & Casino and Harrah’s are all very good options, with perhaps the Barona Valley Ranch Resort and Casino being the absolute best.

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